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Peter R. Hallock

The Hallock Institute, a ministry of the Diocese of Olympia, oversees an archive of the music and papers of Peter R. Hallock and manages the assets of the Institute. The Institute creates editions of Hallock’s unpublished works; advocates, publicizes and broadens the audience for Hallock’s music; makes small grants to support the performance of his music; and presents workshops and educational symposia focused on Hallock’s music and liturgical innovations and the Compline Choir.


The Hallock Institute will further the legacy of the music of Peter R. Hallock and ensure that his music is widely known, by cultivating and engaging potential partners and stakeholders and creating a broad network of musicians, liturgists, and clergy who champion Hallock’s music. The Institute will make Hallock’s music readily available in reliable editions and encourage its performance and recording, and it will ensure the future of the Compline Choir by celebrating and sharing with others its core values, practices and principles.

Board of Directors

The Hallock Institute is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors. Current board members include:

  • Robin Ethridge, Human Resources Professional & member of Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA
  • Dr. Heather MacLaughlin Garbes, Artistic Director of the Mägi Ensemble and Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Jeff Junkinsmith, Composer & Musician, Seattle, WA
  • Dr. Gerard van Wesep, Retired optometrist and current member of The Compline Choir, Seattle, WA
  • Mr. Michael Kleinschmidt, Canon Musician at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA
  • Dr. David Ouzts, Minister of Music & Liturgy at Church of the Holy Communion, Memphis, TN
  • Mr. Michael Silhavy, Senior Project Editor at GIA Publications, Inc., Chicago, IL
  • The Rev. Stephen Crippen, Rector at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Seattle, WA; Bishop’s Designee
  • The Very Rev. Steven L. Thomason, Dean & Rector at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA
  • Dr. Jason A. Anderson, II Director of The Compline Choir & Director of the Peter R. Hallock Institute, Seattle, WA

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