Peter R Hallock

Four-fold Amen


Incorporates “At the Lamb’s high feast” hymn.

Folder contains
1 original manuscript (1963?)
3 engraved editions (facsimiles – with corrections)
2 organ scores (facsimiles – 1987)
4 choral scores (facsimiles – 1987)
1 choral score (facsimile – 1985)
1 horn part (manuscript – 1963)
1 trombone 1 part (manuscript – 1963)
1 trombone 2 part (manuscript – 1963)
1 snare/cymbal/tamborine part (manuscript – 1963/1987)
1 timpany part (manuscript – 1974 – dedicated to Randolph Baunton, virtuoso dishwasher!)
1 trumpet 1 part (manuscript – undated)
1 trumpet 2 part (manuscript – 1963)
1 trumpet 3 part (manuscript – 1963)
4 trumpets parts (combined, facsimiles, ed. Carl Crosier)


Come ye with music with trumpets ye singers arise!
Take ye the cymbal, ye makers of music.
Ye makers of music: not in alarm, but in rejoicing.

Come ye with music ye singers with trumpets reply!
Bring ye the tabor, ye makers of music,
Sing ye to God triumphant,
Come ye with music, arise!

Come ye forth a ransomed army
As of old, arise and sing.
Christ the King has brought us over,
To this bright and glorious day.

At the Lamb’s high feast we sing
Praise to our victorious King.
From your chains in strength arising,
Come ye forth in bright array,
Praise we him whose love divine
Gives his sacred blood for wine
As the stars in dazzling brightness
Gives his body for the feast,
Mighty legions of the skies,
Christ the victim, Christ the priest,
From the depths where life contended
Now with mighty confilct won.

Come, ye forth, O souls in freedom,
Sing the triumph o’er the grave.
Bring your hymns with hearts uplifted
To the quartered skies above.

Let the vauls of heaven answer
Come ye forth, O soul, arise.

Mighty victim from the sky,
Hell’s fierce powers beneath thee lie;
Thou hast conquered in the fight,
Thou has brought us life and light:
Now no more can death appall,
Now no more the grave enthrall,
Thou has opened paradise,
And in thee thy saints shall rise.

Easter triumph, Easter joy,
Sin alone can this destroy;
From sin’s power do thou set free,
Souls new-born, O Lord, in thee.
Hymns of glory, songs of praise,
Praise unto thee we reaise;
Risen Lord all praise to thee,
With the Spirit ever be. Amen.

Ye makers of music arise. Alleluia!

Score Information

Completion Date: Advent 1955
© Peter R. Hallock Institute
Composer: Peter R. Hallock
Publisher: Manuscript (facsimile)
Manuscript Location: University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections

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