Peter R Hallock

The Voice of the Trumpet


Oversize manuscript.

Dedicated to Bill & Roger Sherman.

Anthem to be sung after the Peace. The text, compiled by Peter R. Hallock, uses texts from both Revelation 4 & 6 and The Secret of the Burning Stars by Pablo Antonio Cuadra (for Mario Cajina-Vega), translated by Thomas Merton.

Contained with the envelope are the following:
Sketchbook (1 manuscript)
Completed manuscript (2 copies)
Trumpet 3 part (1 manuscript, 2 pages)
Percussion part (2 copies, 1 manuscript, 1 facsimile)
Vocal solo parts (2 copies, 1 manuscript, 1 facsimile)
Choral parts (4 copies)
Complete libretto (5 copies)
The Secret of the Burning stars (2 copies)
From the Spanish of Pablo Antonio Cuadra (2 copies)

A separate envelope contained the following which was combined with the above contents:
Choral score (1 manuscript)
Trumpet 1 part (1 manuscript)
Trumpet 2 part (1 manuscript)
Trumpet 3 part – incomplete (1 manuscript)
Horn part (1 manuscript)
Trombone 1 part (1 manuscript)
Trombone 2 part (1 manuscript)
Timpani part (1 manuscript)
Percussion part (1 manuscript)
Organ score – p. 8-9 only (1 facsimile)


The voice was, as it were, the voice of a trumpet. “Come up — I will show thee things which must be hereafter.”

And I was in the spirit.
Behold a throne was set in heaven
And in the right hand of him that sat on the throne
Was a scroll
Written within and without, sealed with seven seals.
And no one in heaven or upon earth was found
Who was worthy to open the scroll.
And lo, before the throne stood a Lamb
that seemed to have been sacrificed.

The Lion of Judah, the root of David is victorius—
To him who fought for liberty
Was given a star next
To the shining mother
Dead in giving dawn to life.

—Thou art worthy to take the scroll
For thou wast sacrificed
And by thy blood
Thou has bought men for God—

“Was it great, your suffering?”
“Not so great as the joy
of giving a new man to the world.”
—”And your wounds,
Were they deep? Did they burn?”
“Not so much as the joy
of giving a new world to man.”

The Lamb went and took the scroll
From the right hand of the One who sat upon the throne.

—Worthy art Thou
Thou hast been slain
And by thy blood hast purchased for God
All tribes, all nations.
Blessing, honor, and glory
To Him who sits upon the throne
And to the Lamb — for timeless ages. Amen.

“Did you know your Son?”
—Did you know the fruit of your battle?”
“I died too soon.
—Do you sleep?”
“I dream.”

Score Information

Completion Date: 1975; rev. Sep 24, 2010
© Peter R. Hallock Institute
Composer: Peter R. Hallock
Scripture Reference(s): Revelation 4 & 6
Publisher: Manuscript
Manuscript Location: University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections

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