Peter R Hallock

Michael, Archangel of the King of kings


An extended anthem for SATB mixed voices, baritone solo, tenor solo, soprano solo, and organ suitable for the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels or the Eschaton.


Choir: Michael, Archangel, of the King of kings, give ear to our voices.

Baritone solo: We acknowledge thee to be the prince of the citizens of heaven,
And at thy prayer God sends his angels, that the enemy with cunning craft shall not prevail to do the hurt he craves to weary men, yea!

Choir: Yea, thou hast the dominion of perpetual Paradise and ever, do the holy angels honor thee.

Tenor solo: Thou was seen in the temple of God, a sensor of gold in thy hands and the smoke of it fragrant with spices rose up ‘til it came before God. Thou didst smite the cruel dragon and many souls didst thou rescue from his jaws.

Choir: Then was there a great silence in heaven.

Baritone solo: And a thousand thousand saying

Choir: Glory, glory to the Lord King. Michael, greatest angel, hear us, come down from thy high seat. Bring us the strength of God, and the lightning of his mercy. Do thou, O Gabriel, put down our foes, and thou O Raphael, heal our sick, ease our pain. Michael, greatest angel, hear us. Come down a little from thy high seat and give us to share the joys of the blessed.

Alcuin (c. 735-804); tr. Helen Waddell (1889-1965)

Score Information

Published: 2024
Completion Date: September 1963; rev. 1968, 2004
© Peter R. Hallock Institute
Composer: Peter R. Hallock
Engraver: Andy Danilchek
Lyricist: Alcuin; tr. Helen Waddell
Arranger/Editor: Jason A. Anderson
Liturgical Season: Saint Michael and All Angels, Michaelmas, Eschaton
Publisher: Peter R. Hallock Institute
Manuscript Location: University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Recording information:

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