ISMN: 979-0-800113-18-5
Catalog No: HI-0025
Published: 2021
Engraver: Jason Anderson

Christ our Passover (Easter Canticle)

An anthem for two-part choir, leaders, congregation, and handbells

Christ our Passover (sometimes titled Easter Canticle) is one of a handful of original compositions by Peter Hallock contained in the Episcopal Church’s transitional Songs for Liturgy, published for the Joint Commission on Church Music by Walton Music. The compilation sought to introduce new service music, canticles, hymns, songs, and spiritual songs that utilized different and interesting sounds; many were unaccompanied. Some titles made it into Hymnal 1982, most did not. Many works, like this one, deserve a fresh look.

Christ our Passover, or Pascha nostrum, is sung in place of the Invitatory Psalm in Morning Prayer as found in the Book of Common Prayer, 1979. The editor has revised text as originally set to conform to Morning Prayer II, Book of Common Prayer, 1979, usage. This piece may also be sung as an Entrance Song, Song of Praise, or Fraction Anthem during Eastertide, or on other occasions as appropriate.

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