ISMN: 979-0-800113-21-5
Catalog No: HI-0027
Published: 2021
Engraver: Jason Anderson

I was glad

An anthem for 2-part choir, congregation, clapping, tambourine, and triangle

This is one of a handful of original compositions by Peter Hallock contained in the Episcopal Church’s transitional Songs for Liturgy, published for the Joint Commission on Church Music by Walton Music. The compilation sought to introduce new service music, canticles, hymns, songs, and spiritual songs that utilized different and interesting sounds; many, like this piece, were unaccompanied or accompanied by percussion only. This work, designed as an entrance song to be sung in procession, deserves a fresh look.

Hallock scored this work for two-part mixed choir, congregation, clapping, tambourine, and triangle. The choir should be divided into two groups, with one group clapping the upper rhythm and the other the lower; the congregation is meant to clap with the lower. Music directors need not worry if tambourine or triangle are not available as the parts can be covered by clapping.

As with many of Hallock’s works, there is always a surprise—a moment when the music does something or goes somewhere unexpected. In this case, the choir changes keys twice between the opening and closing plaudits. This will require some rehearsal.

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