ISMN: 979-0-800113-11-6
Catalog No: HI-0007
Published: 2008
Engraver: Robert Puff

If we could shut the gate

An anthem for ATB men’s voices, violin, and organ
The violin part is included at the back of this score

If we could shut the gate against our thoughts
and keep out sorrow from within:
or memory could cancel all misdeeds,
and we unthink our sin,
how free, how clear, how clean our hearts would lie,
discharged of such grievous company.

Or were there other rooms within the heart,
that did not to our conscious join so near,
where we might lodge our thoughts apart
that we might not their clamorous crying hear,
what peace, what joy, what ease should we possess,
freed from the chains, our soul’s oppress.

O Savior, who our refuge art,
let thy mercies stand twixt them and us,
and be the wall to separate our hearts,
so that we may at length repose us free:
that peace, and joy, and rest may be within,
and we remain divided from our sin.
—John Danyel (1564-1626), Songs for the Lute, Viol, and Voice, 1606; adapt. by the composer